Grae Matta Foundation has a Brand New Look!

Grae Matta Foundation has a Brand New Look!

NO! Your eyes are not deceiving you! We do have a new logo and branding. We are thrilled to announce this exciting milestone in the Foundation’s history. 

Grae Matta Foundation (GMF) was established in 2017, and with it, our original semicolon logo. The semicolon means ‘what comes after’ and represents sharing individual experiences and overcoming internal struggles. And the coloured design inside the semicolon is the scan of a distressed brain.  

But Grae Matta Foundation is doubling down on our mission, by becoming THE organization that advises governments on mental health standards toward making support available when it is needed.  

At GMF we have always believed in the power of passion and proactive change for the mission. But we have decided it was time for an aesthetic change and have refreshed the design of our logo to better represent the impact, energy, and diverse communities we seek to support. We improved our semicolon and added the infinity loop to represent the endless cycle of poor mental health and the lack of appropriate support. But it also means love and faith making it the perfect compliment to our semicolon. This significant brand change marks a pivotal moment for us and our plans to evolve and grow with accessibility and visibility in more countries. 

We also created a Pride version of our logo to show our support more formally. Along with our new inclusive logo and branding, we will refresh the core look, feel of our website, and make it neurodiverse and eco-friendly. 

So, expect more aesthetic enhancements and innovative features in the coming months.  

We celebrate the outstanding creative talent of our volunteers in this project. Tomera Rodgers, Grae Matta Foundation’s Director of Brand and Marcomms designed the new logo mark with expert Lead Graphic Designer Vijay who established the core look and feel. Vijay’s application designs offered a more diverse aspect to our current library. In addition to designing the logo mark, Tomera oversaw the new direction. She guided team members on the mission, values, and brand messaging to ensure trust in the organization remained but could grow and gain recognition in other countries.  

Founder and President of Grae Matta Group, Ferron Gray said: “I am incredibly pleased with the excellent work that Tomera and her team are doing, for the Foundation. So good that I have ordered that the change be carried out throughout the Group on all branding. The semicolon has always been synonymous with those who struggle with depression, anxiety, and other forms of ill mental health. It only seemed right to adopt it as our logo within the Group. The Semicolon means, ‘What comes afterward’ now that means Grae Matta.”