Cookie Policy

Our cookie policy explains the cookies that we use, why we use them and how you can opt out from cookie usage. On visiting you are automatically given one or more cookies, with the primary aim of ensuring the best experience of our website for you. On occasion we also use cookies from third parties to gain insight into who visits our website.


A website cookie is very small file that is downloaded onto a device when a user visits certain websites. These are sent back to the original website on each individual visit. Cookies are used by websites as they allow a website to recognise a user’s device or web browser so the online experience can be as optimal as possible.

Our Cookie Use

The cookies on our website are set by us although some can be set by our partners, which are either session or persistent cookies. Session cookies remember the information from one page to another before they are automatically removed when you end your session on the website. Persistent cookies enable our site to recognise you when you return and these are saved onto your computer until they are either deleted or expire. Persistent cookies that are on your computer will not be stored for longer than two years from the date of your last website visit.

Opting Out

Most browsers give the option to block or delete cookies if you would like to do so. You can find out how to do so via the help section in your browser. If you block cookies from being used, it may have a negative impact on your online experience so we recommend that you allow the use of cookies when using

For an overview on the cookie management within the most commonly used browsers you can find more information here: