The Zero Hour Mental Health Workshop

Zero Hour Mental Health Workshop
Start Time February 06, 2018 14:00
Finish Time February 06, 2018 17:00
Address The Tea Building, 56 Shoreditch High Street, London,

People approximately spend 92,120 hours at work. That’s 35% of your total waking hours over a 50 year working life.

21% of your total waking hours over a 76 year lifespan, and this is all assuming you get 8 hours sleep; which the average adult in the UK sorely doesn’t.

(Revise Sociology, 2016; The Sleep Council, 2013)

But beyond sleep, we want to see how working in terms gig economy impacts on mental health as the hours are longer and the income is less secure compared to other industries. (Financial Times, 2017)

We would like to invite you to a workshop at our office to find out more, we would like to know if working in the Gig Economy significantly impacts your mental health or others you know. There is limited space so please book your tickets early to confirm attendance.