Human Resources Professional

Are you a Human Resources Professional who has an interest in Mental Health? If that’s the case then we need you!!!!

What will you be doing?

The post holder will provide strategic direction, advice, and support for the charity on all people-related practices, policies, and employee relations matters. The post holder will also be supported by a Part-time HR Assistant.

● Induction and Management:
● Lead the development and implementation of Organisation’s HR strategy, making sure it supports organisational goals and encourages staff diversity, inclusion, and excellence.
● Review strategy results on a regular basis to make sure it is still applicable to evolving organisational demands and conditions, and stays linked to other operational and support function strategies;
● Create and maintain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), ensuring external good practice and thinking is reflected internally;
● Develop and review HR policies, procedures, and guidelines as required;
● Build an effective recruitment strategy
● Manage all aspects of interview and assessment;
● Ensure innovative recruitment and succession planning is in place;
● Oversee the creation of efficient and equitable hiring procedures, taking into account the feedback received from departing employees;
● Develop a successful induction programme and training for new hires, including R&D, IT, Health and Safety, and Safeguarding training;
● Lead on performance management, and provide support and training to equip line managers
● Ensure compliance with employment law, maintaining HR records;

What are we looking for?

Minimum 5 yrs experience as a Human Resources Manager

Skills & Knowledge
● CIDP qualified or with equivalent experience of leading and managing HR functions
● Providing HR advice and support to staff at all levels of the organisation;
● Developing and implementing HR strategies;
● Dealing with employee performance concerns, grievances, and disciplinaries;

What difference will you make?

As the Human Resources Professional you will play a vital role in helping to work with other Heads of Department to ensure communication flows across the organisation.

Develop and implement an effective internal HR training programme for staff on key HR issues (including recruitment and induction/onboarding, performance management, updates on policies, etc.);

If you’re interested, please send an updated CV to with the subject line: Recruitment Manager Application. Thank you;