Director of Research and Development

Grae Matta Foundation is dedicated to improving mental health in higher education and the workplace by developing and influencing organisational policy.

The first Standard we are writing is for the Higher Education Sector.

What will you be doing?

Are you an Experienced Senior Researcher interested in Mental Health Policy? If so, this is the Position for you!!

As the Research Director you will play a vital role in overseeing the governance of the charity. You will be working alongside a small but dedicated Board of Trustees with a diverse pool of skills and experience. You must be a good role model and be able to have the confidence, respect and support of the Chief Executive and the Charities staff team.

The Director of Research and Development (R&D) directs and implements an organization’s research and development policies, objectives, and initiatives. Ensuring research and development activities will maintain an organization’s competitive position and profitability.

You will be responsible for leading, managing and delivering high profile research and development work, and supporting colleagues within the organisation to do the same. The role will involve providing effective leadership and oversight of a range of programmes and projects across learning, skills and employment. This includes building relationships with key funders, partners and decision-makers; proactively generating income and business development opportunities; leading a programme of research and development work aligned to our strategic plan; overseeing the quality and delivery of programmes and projects; and ensuring that our work achieves a positive impact on policy and practice research.


  • Design and lead research and development programmes and projects across the breadth of GMF’s strategic priorities – ensuring that work is delivered to time and quality expectations, within budget, and with appropriate measures of its impact.
  • Work with colleagues to identify and secure sources of income including through proactive approaches to funders and partners, responding to tenders and calls for proposals, and through the development of products and services.
  • Develop and maintain effective relationships and networks with key stakeholders involved in relevant policy, delivery and research – including national and local government, other national/local agencies, trusts and foundations, service providers, and other research centres and think tanks.
  • Keep up to date with key developments in policy, research and practice on learning, skills and employment, and on innovations in research and evaluation methods and tools.Person SpecificationExperience
    ● Minimum 10 yrs. experience as a Researcher
    ● Master’s Degree or Higher in a related field
    ● Proven track record of successful R&D ProjectsSkills & Knowledge
    • Qualitive and Quantitative Research Mastery
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
    • Strong analytical skills.
    • High level of problem solving and decision-making abilities. • Ability to manage a team and lead projects.
    • Ability to analyse and interpret data.
    • Ability to develop strategies and plans.

Culture, Ethos, and Values

Work with other Heads of Department to ensure communication flows across the organisation.

This is a highly rewarding and varied role, and we particularly encourage applicants with an extensive background in Research & Development.
Volunteers are ambassadors for the charity and will fully embody our values, to be change-making, pioneering, relentless and agile.
To apply for the role applicants must be sympathetic to the aims and objectives of Grae Matta Foundation and ideally have some experience of ill mental health with themselves or close friends and family.

If you’re interested, please send an updated CV to with the subject line: Recruitment Manager Application. Thank you